On Wed 25 Mar 2020 at 12:24PM +01, Christian Kastner wrote:

> On 25.03.20 03:11, Sean Whitton wrote:
>> ci\.travis_*.sh look to have a different copyright holder and license.
> Those files indeed state "modified from [other GitHub repo]" but it
> seems to be more of an "inspired by" for how to solve a simple issue.
> travis_install.sh:
>   1. Installs packages in an environment
>   2. Prints Python module versions
> travis_test.sh
>   3. Prints Python module versions
>   4. Invokes nosetests
> I don't believe there is anything copyrightable there. Would you concur
> with this assessment?
> If not: the referenced GitHub repo contains no such files, only a .yml
> file where the step 1. - 4. above are used (hence my "inspired by"
> suspicion). So to err on the side of caution, I would simply remove
> those two files form the source (it's already being dfsg-cleaned anyway).
> In case I do the latter, I'd upload a new version to NEW with a +dfsg1
> suffix -- is that correct?

Given that you are already doing a +dfsg filter I agree that the best
option is probably just to add these files to that filter.

Sean Whitton

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