Hello Debian science maintainers,

I am quite new to Debian packaging, but I'd like to help see the graph-
tool[1] scientific library packaged for Debian.


The main developper of the package already provides his own repo[2],
which I checked and as far as I understand it seems to be done in the
proper manner, providing a source package and using 3.0 (quilt).


There seem to be a few things missing, such as some fields in the
debian/copyright file, an obnoxious name in the author fields there -
"root" - even though his email is correct and his name does show up in
other places, a choice of 'python' for section instead of 'science' in
debian/control, and default README.{debian,source}. Also, as it's
currently found in his own repo, he lists himself as maintainer.

Can you please let me know if this is good enough for you to move
forward with it, or if there is any work in which I could help out?
Such as, for example, fixing the aforementioned missing details.

I commit myself to work with him to provide whatever is most convenient
for you to package it, now and in the foreseeable future.

Thank you so much, and cheers from Debconf (:


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