Hi, it looks as a very good idea, indeed .

On 10/08/17 08:13, Alexandre Hannud Abdo wrote:
> Ni!
> Hello Debian science maintainers,
> I am quite new to Debian packaging, but I'd like to help see the graph-
> tool[1] scientific library packaged for Debian.
> [1] http://graph-tool.skewed.de/
> The main developper of the package already provides his own repo[2],
> which I checked and as far as I understand it seems to be done in the
> proper manner, providing a source package and using 3.0 (quilt).
> [2] http://downloads.skewed.de/apt/

Where is the source Debian ball ?

> There seem to be a few things missing, such as some fields in the
> debian/copyright file, an obnoxious name in the author fields there -
> "root" - even though his email is correct and his name does show up in
> other places, a choice of 'python' for section instead of 'science' in
> debian/control, and default README.{debian,source}. Also, as it's
> currently found in his own repo, he lists himself as maintainer.
> Can you please let me know if this is good enough for you to move
> forward with it, or if there is any work in which I could help out?
> Such as, for example, fixing the aforementioned missing details.

Have you already created and/maintained any Debian package ?

> I commit myself to work with him to provide whatever is most convenient
> for you to package it, now and in the foreseeable future.

You may first fill either an RFP [1] or ITP [2], then act accordingly. 


[1] https://wiki.debian.org/RFP
[2] https://wiki.debian.org/ITP
> Thank you so much, and cheers from Debconf (:
> ale
> .~ยด

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