Hi Gordon,

On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 04:12:35PM +0200, Gordon Ball wrote:
> Moving forward with this, I propose to file an ITP for dh-r as a
> standalone package shortly, barring any objections. Since this shouldn't
> overlap with anything else, I would to go straight to unstable rather
> than going via experimental.

Perfectly fine.  Can't wait to see this in unstable. :-)
> ## Repository
> Mirrored to alioth [1], and this is the canonical VCS url given in
> d/control.
> [1]: https://anonscm.debian.org/git/debian-science/packages/dh-r.git

Nice.  I'd commit anything here in case I might find some enhancement.
> ## Vignettes
> A vignette dh sequence item is provided which should build vignettes,
> but it has to be explicitly requested. To use this you need to add a
> complete texlive environment to the build-depends, since this isn't a
> dependency of r-base-dev (won't someone please think of the buildds).
> This should also work with vignettes using knitr (but not rmarkdown,
> since it isn't packaged).
> %:
>     dh $@ --buildsystem R --with vignette

Sounds very sensible.
> ## dh-make-R
> This has gained options to generate team-maintenance for debian-science
> or debian-med, and several styles of autopkgtests (and interactive help).
> dh-make-R --team science --tests run_unit_test,vignette

Not tested but from the pure reding this sounds very handsome.  Thanks
a lot for this.
> ## convert-to-dh-r
> (Renamed from fix-deps.pm). This is only installed to /usr/share/dh-r,
> but will try and convert existing d/control files (although I wouldn't
> recommend using it in bulk without manual review, since it's pretty
> primitive).

OK, noted.  I'll possibly give it a try even if manual conversion does
not seem to be that hard.
> ## Buildflags
> I was unable to inject hardening LDFLAGS options via the MAKEFLAGS
> environment option, so for the moment you'll still see
> hardening-no-bindnow. I don't think hardening is that high a priority
> for R, but this can be revisited later if someone has a better idea
> about how to do it.

I agree that hardening should not be a show stopper for this effort
and may be once it is available we get some more input.
> While I have done a certain amount of testing, doubtless there are still
> some pitfalls left. Caveat emptor.

I'm locking forward to get rid of cdbs in my packages. :-)

Again thanks a lot



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