On 2020-07-03 13:50, zhao feng wrote:
> Thanks for your help. I can build the package on buster and bullyseye.
> Which distribution do you use? I find the version of softwares like
> python is quite new.

The package fails to build on clean sid chroot. Most likely some Python
dependencies are missing from debian/control.

> The upstream uses `ete` as the name of repository but they call the
> Python package `ete3`. In their paper, they explain the number 3 is
> the version and in their roadmap they plan to release `ete4`.
> (https://github.com/etetoolkit/ete/wiki/ROADMAP). I think using a
> version independent name like `ete` for source package and
> `python3-ete` for library is convenient. How to do think about it?

I agree that the source package could stay named 'ete'. However, after
reading the Debian Python naming conventions [1] I became even more
convinced to name the package 'python3-ete3'.


> 2-5 has been fixed now.

The copyright entry for 'SQLite-Levenshtein' seems still missing from
debian/copyright. Could you please add it?

> I have created a directory in
> https://salsa.debian.org/science-team/ete3 but I do not have
> privileges to create a branch. Can you help on it?

I see you have named the repository 'ete3'. This means you want to name
the source package 'ete3' as well, or was this unintentional?

By the way, packaging of 'ete3' seems to be ongoing in Debian Med team
as well (adding Andreas in CC):
https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/python-ete3. I suggest getting in
touch with them to keep duplicate efforts minimal.

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