After some discussion about what no-dsa really means, I've added 2 new
sub-states to the tracker, and they can be used as follows:

         - foo <unfixed> (bug #9876543)
         [stretch] - shadow <postponed> (Minor issue, later)
         [jessie] - shadow <postponed> (Minor issue, later)
         [wheezy] - shadow <postponed> (Minor issue, later)
         - foo <unfixed> (bug #9876542)
         [stretch] - shadow <ignored> (maintainer choice)
         [jessie] - shadow <ignored> (maintainer choice)
         [wheezy] - shadow <ignored> (maintainer choice)

The actual state will still be "no-dsa" in both cases, but hopefully the
sub-state clears things up as to *why* we chose no-dsa.

The per-issue web views does expose those sub-states, see for instance
libemail-address-perl[1] and cacti[2], and the status pages[3][4][5]
allow to filter on them (someone with actual web skills should probably
make it so that checking "include issues tagged <ignored/postponed>"
automatically checks "include issues tagged <no-dsa>").




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