On 03/05/2018 11:32 AM, Hermann Lauer wrote:
At least with the stretch installer there is no problem with using a MBR 
on the am64 arch. You maybe can't select it, but if you generate a MBR 
partitioning using
the shell inside the installer this will work.

Ok, after a quick look it seems that this particular configuration is actually
supported by the grub-installer:


On EFI systems, it will test whether /var/lib/partman/ignore_uefi exists which I
assume is written by partman if it finds an MBR partition table on an EFI 

We can most certainly add support for that later on sparc*. I just want to
get a simple GRUB installation on a clean system working and we're almost
there regarding that.

Also IMHO this (EFI partition on MBR) is usefull to work, as the server BIOSses 
here are all able
to boot from an USB stick which usually have MBR partitioning.

This is for installed systems, not for installer images.

As the servers used here all have an internal USB slot thats my favorite setup 
at the moments.

Why not use a remote KVM? ;)


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