> On Mar 2, 2018, at 9:53 PM, Frank Scheiner <frank.schei...@web.de> wrote:
> I don't think we can rely on the subarch value in this case, but have to 
> determine the actual partitioning scheme (available in `bootfslabel` when 
> running `grub-installer` or via `partmap <DISK>`) to select the correct 
> installation method. This because at least for sun4v with GPT support users 
> could also manually select to use a Sun disklabel. I used the `bootfslabel` 
> variable in my modifcations.

Well, debian-installer normally does not allow you to choose the partition 
table type.

On x86, it will automatically use GPT if the machine is booted in EFI mode. On 
sparc64, we would normally just switch to GPT if the machine supports GPT.

I don’t know how debian-installer behaves if you boot an x86 machine in EFI 
mode which has an MFT partition table, but I think that’s not supported by 

For now it should be reasonable to assume GPT partioning on a machine that 
supports it and defaulting to Sun otherwise.

Please don’t let‘s us over-engineer this just to be able the rare case that 
someone used Sun partition tables from a previous installation on a machine 
that supports GPT.

I know you try to make the most compatible design to fit all use cases, but I 
don’t think we should support such edge cases when debian-installer doesn’t 
support it on other platforms.


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