> I'll try as soon as I can on my Ultra 1. I had a working driver some
> time ago (<https://lists.debian.org/debian-sparc/2016/03/msg00005.html>),
> but not the Debian way.
> I assume the driver should work on SBus machine as well as PCI
> machine, as it's UPA-based in both cases ?

I'm not sure how UPA works exactly, but I don't think it matters what bus
architecture the machine is based on.

> Thanks everyone for all the great work :-) If only I had the space for
> a T3 or a M4000...

I just realised that the Debian repository I based my patched version on
neither had a pristine-tar branch nor proper upstream release tags, and the
tarballs it wants are based on a newer upstream commit than the upstream 

I may have to rebase and add the difference as a patch to make the source
package Debian-clean again. Once that's done, I'll upload the source bundle to
mentors, so you can fetch it there.

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