> Can you upload your package to Debian Mentors so I can review and sponsor it?

I already did, and I thought I had announced it here?
(please see my previous message)

> Also, please don't forget to file an ITP bug report.

Good idea. Since Romain has verified that it works, I think we can go ahead

> Oh, and does the package build on architectures other than sparc*? Otherwise
> we won't be able to upload it to the official archives.

It does at least on amd64, but I doubt it will be very useful...
Should I set the Arch to any and the distribution to unstable then?

Aside from that, I think I should set the maintainer to debian-sparc so we get
bug reports to the list, right?
Do we have a group on Salsa for maintaining the source? I'd have to join the X
Strike Force or give you commit permissions otherwise.

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