> Apr 28 08:11:44 debconf: Setting debconf/priority to medium
> Apr 28 08:11:44 kernel: [  135.647875] main-menu[242]: segfault at 8 ip
> 000001000000298c (rpc fffff80100128e08) sp 000007feff83ead1 error 1 in
> main-menu[10000000000+4000]
> After some further poking it looks like the latest images bump the minimum 
> memory
> requirements from 256M to 512M so qemu-system-sparc64 needs to run with -m 
> 512.

That's pretty bad!

I stuffed my old Ultra 10 with 512MB, but the machine originally came with
only 256MB.

How can the installation system eat so much memory?

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