On 4/25/19 6:18 AM, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
> FWIW I think you're pretty close here: as you say, you just need to fix the 
> bits
> which set up a sun partition label and inject the bootloader. So the bit you 
> need to
> re-enable to get this to work should be this:
>   add_mkisofs_opt $CDDIR/../$N.mkisofs_opts "-G boot1/boot/isofs.b -B ..."
> From looking at your previous grub patches and the genisoimage man page then 
> you need
> to point this towards the a.out binary made from
> grub/grub-core/boot/sparc64/ieee1275/boot.S which I think reading through
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=921249 should be cdboot.img?

Yes, that's also what I think. And, having just recently worked on this 
part of GRUB uptream, I'm pretty sure we need to inject cdboot.img.

> The mkisofs above should create a sun partition layout and inject the a.out 
> binary
> into all slices so it is executed with "boot cdrom". This will then use the 
> CIF to
> locate the grub partition via the PROM bootpath property and the open the 
> ISO9660
> device in the PROM to locate the grub kernel.

The question is: We have the "sparc64.elf" GRUB boot image on the CD-ROM in the
subdirectory boot/. How do we tell the initial bootloader how to use it?

> Note: this assumes that the PROM can read ISO9660 devices directly rather than
> requiring a UFS filesystem - can all 64-bit SPARC PROMs do this? The above 
> diff
> suggests that this was the case for SILO.

I would guess so.


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