On 4/28/19 11:10 AM, Thomas Schmitt wrote:
> John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
>> You are very welcome to create a guest account for Debian Salsa
> I already have one for xorriso related package preparation.

Ok, great!

>> and open
>> merge requests for the debian-installer and debian-cd projects [1].
> It is more about weighing the options and their consequences. Showing
> shell command results. Convincing the maintainer.
> The proposed changes themselves are quite artless.

How about starting a discussion on the debian-boot mailing list then? I'm
also subscribed there :).

>> Note: The ia64 stuff for debian-cd was copied verbatim from arm64 (boot-ia64
>> is copied from boot-arm64 in debian-cd).
> UEFI: Five CPU architectures in one specification.
> Maybe if i convince you of my proposal i can use the result as lure for
> the other four EFI arches of debian-cd. :))

Sounds good :). The more unification and simplification, the better.


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