On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 09:51:36AM +0930, David Newall wrote:
> I wish you wouldn't.  Creating an openssh-common package is hardly a big
> deal, so you've saved as good as nothing.  You don't know what reasons
> somebody might have to need different client and server versions.

Sorry, but I don't intend to support different versions of the client
and server packages on the same system.  There are occasional changes to
common components, such as /etc/ssh/moduli and ssh-keygen, that matter
on both sides, and I don't want to have more combinations to test; I
have enough to do.

People with highly unusual requirements do always have the option of
building their own OpenSSH binaries (since if they're pinning older
versions they're very likely foregoing Debian's security updates

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