tboy wrote:
> Hello!
> I have been using hamm, and now want to upgrade to slink via FTP for apt,
> gnome and some new key libs, etc. Which packages do I need? How to upgrade
> in a most economic way? Would anyone mind giving me some suggestion?
> Please detail your suggestion because I'm not a veteran. Thanks.

        Get apt if you haven't already and install it.  In dselect, set
its access method to 'apt' (this shows up after you install apt). 
In /etc/apt/sources.list, include a line for both hamm and slink. 
Then run dselect 'upgrade' (this gets the hamm and slink
'Packages.gz' files which apt merges) then 'select'.  Pick the
stuff you want to install in addition to the stuff already shown
for upgrade and run 'install'.  It will take awhile. :-)

Ed C.

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