A while ago I noticed that my system time was about half an hour off of
what it should be, and set it to the more accurate time of the hardware
clock. Over the course of the past 24 hours, the hardware clock has gone
~1 minute slow, but the system clock is now 20 minutes slow.

I know that the lapse occurs during periods of heavy swapping (>20M swap
used (I only have 16M physical memory)) which is a normal occurance (my
system is a cron-operated alarmclock), and happens most rapidly when
using apt or dpkg (which causes 50M of swap to be used).

I was wondering about how to get the system clock to match the hardware
clock when the system's time is >5 min slow. I can't use the NTP clients
because of a rather ignorant windoze proxy (determined by trial and
error), and I would prefer not to have to manually set the time every
day or so (hwclock --hctosys).

When the time according to my watch was 18:52:14, I got the following

$ sudo hwclock --show; date
Wed Jun 12 18:51:58  -0.189813 seconds
Wed Jun 12 18:32:44 EDT


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