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On Wed, 2002-06-12 at 20:13, Tom Allison wrote:

Tom Allison wrote:

I got a really interesting one.

I am running a stock K7 kernel from woody.
I recall seeing such things as cramfs, VFS, and initrd during the boot sequence.


Freeing initrd memory: 2700k freed
VFS: Mounted root (cramfs filesystem).
[and the rest goes on from there]

I'm thinking that there is some sort of problem in creating a RAMDISK from cramfs...

This isn't an adequate engineering solution to the problem since it is contrary to what I understood about the liloconfig system.

I never ran 'lilo' under the new RAM.

I resorted to my original RAM and modified lilo to prompt for 20 seconds and re-ran lilo. Returned to my new RAM and started running boots with manual boot parameters.

What does work is:  linux mem=768M
What was in lilo.conf that I removed was 'append "mem=128M" and a previously attempted line of 'append "mem=128M hda=autotune"'

What I always understood was that if lilo.conf requested less RAM that physically existed, then the linux kernel would simply ignore everything else and proceed with the configured RAM instead of the actual RAM.

I have modified lilo.conf to include 'append "mem=768M hda=autotune"' , run lilo and rebooted.
It now works!!!

But with little understanding of the solution.  :(...

Thanks to all who replied. Many hints and tips eventually got me here. Surprisingly, it wasn't what I expected (I think)

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