Everyone has been recommending APM for this, but my motherboard (Abit
VP6) wouldn't turn the power supply off until I turned on ACPI in the
kernel. Check up on this as well as APM.

ps - I heard that APM is turned off in the presence of SMP, so that may
have been the reason.

On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 08:12:35AM +0800, Dan Jacobson wrote:
> poweroff just does the same as "shutdown -h now" for me: turns off the
> disks only.  On mandrake 7.2 however, "shutdown -h now" does indeed
> turn off the whole computer, cold, quiet.  So what have I not
> adjusted?
> By the way, on mandrake when we do shutdown -h now, we see a
> comforting sequence of messages about this and that being turned off
> one by one, however with debian's poweroff we see one or two messages
> --- we don't even know if it has properly turned everything off in
> sequence or did we use some emergency stop command for use in case of
> fire only.
> Indeed all the documentation I read about how to use debian never
> mentions what happens one day when you (the nerve!) want to turn the
> computer off.
> By the way the poweroff man page is a real winner with all the options
> that only apply to some of the commands, and the different behaviors
> depending on run level, for such a serious command.
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