I'm trying to setup a debian system that will
    1)  pull all user info from LDAP (except root, of course)
    2)  be a samba PDC, and pull all user info from LDAP

My first test was with a spare RH box.  I managed to make login, su,
and ssh on it authenticate against OpenLDAP on Debian.  It was quite
easy (following the HOWTOs I found), and works fine.  Now I'm trying
to get a debian box to do the same thing.  I'm at the point where
    1)  login uses password from either LDAP or /etc/shadow,
        and the login only succeeds if the user is in the passwd files
        (test accounts that exist only in LDAP fail to log in)
    2)  su says "Unknown id" for the LDAP-only accounts

I can't figure out where I've gone wrong.  The relevant config files
from the debian system are at http://dman.ddts.net/~dman/post/.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or pointers you can give me!

(once I get the debian system to correctly auth against ldap I go back
and work on samba some more)



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