Hello the list

At the beginning : the 1st time I posted I was unsuscribed ... don't
know why ...
Nethermind, I hope my message is not duplicated !
Or I apologize (correct english ?)

I've got a Olitec DSL-modem chipset Connexant under woody, kernel 2.4.18
and my pinguin box don't want to configure it !!!

I explain :
- scanpci & lspci say IRQs, adresses and others but say unknown device
- I tried unicorn_pci.o, the module for Bewan DSL PCI modem but doesn't
want to recognize my hardware ...

So I shout on the Net : is there a solution for recognition of this
[EMAIL PROTECTED] card ? some pointers (not officials for Bewan I know them !) ?

Thank's for any advices.

David Dumortier

PS : bad english ... I know ... just little frenchy

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