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> I wish more things supported transparently viewing gzipped files :)

I remember there once was a library which overloaded the original libc
functions for opening files. You had to preload it by setting the
variable LD_PRELOAD to this lib (like you do with libtrash). Once you
had done that, all and every program was able to read compressed files

OK, after searching with Google I found out that this this is in
Debian. Of course, yeah, how could I even THINK of something NOT being
part of Debian - besides XFree 4.2. :-)

zlibc - Uncompressing C Library
 Zlibc is a preloadable shared object that allows executables to
 uncompress the data files that they need on the fly. No kernel patch,
 no recompilation of these executables and no recompilation of the
 libraries is needed.

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