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> I can't really help you with your printing problem, since I don't print
> From Star/Open Office, but you can save a step in your workaround.  If
> you run spadmin, you can create a PDF writer which basically runs ps2pdf
> for you.

ok cool. ill try that! sounds neat

> You may also want to try converting the PDF file back to ps using
> pdftops or pdf2ps (I don't know what the difference is, but they're both
> installed on my system), and printing the resulting ps file.  I've found
> that that sometimes helps with bad ps files.


> It looks like what is happening is that Star/Open Office is generating
> bad PostScript.  CUPS passes it off the printer driver, so as far as CUPS
> is concerned, the file's printed.  The driver barfs on the bad
> PostScript, so it doesn't actually send anything to the printer, but
> can't notify CUPS that something's wrong.

i suppose its possible, kind of strange though....
> PS.  Doesn't the LaserJet 4000 speak PostScript natively?  Or is it just
> certain models?  If yours does, it may be worth using a normal PPD
> instead of the foomatic driver.  A Google search on "HP LaserJet 4000
> PPD" reveals http://hp.sourceforge.net/ where you can download such a
> file.

i think mine does, im no printing expert, i don't print much but
i will take a look at that url.



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