I've done some research already and I hope someone will have a better
answer than I currently have so far.

The situation:
        I misconfigured samba to point at /home/accountname for roaming

        It has been this way for over a year.

        No one noticed. I'm the only person that uses linux directly.

        To troubleshoot a problem on a Windows 98 box, I logged in as
        myself on the win98 box.

        It built me a profile and pushed it too the Linux box. It
        seemed to be taking a really log time but it finally finished.

        Fixed the problems on the windows box.

        Later when I go to use my account on the linux things are all
        messed up.

        First thing I notice, all my mail files are gone. ( 7 years

        Then I notice alot directories I haven't used in years were
        updated today at about the same time.

        I finally do a 
        find /home/accountname -type f -print

        less than 100 files come back. Almost all of them are dot-files.

        I figure umount the filesystem and run debugfs and recover the
        files. (i.e. lsdel)

        Second problem. No deleted inodes exist after April 22, 2002.

        I moved everything over to ext3 about that time.

        Checking web pages. It appears you can't use the lsdel
        command in debugsfs to find deleted files.

Current Answer:

        Find every "free" inode on at 27 Gig partition and look for
        strings that I know should be in particular files. Then try to
        reconstruct the files by hand.

Does anyone have better ideas? And no, I don't have a recent backup.
Last time I changed the hardware I never got the tape drive reconnected 
to the system. So last backup is over 9 months ago. At the time I wasn't
concerned, the old system had been on raid and the new one was also.

So any ideas?

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