> When you run a script in a subshell, it can modify the environment of
> that subshell, then that subshell terminates (when the script is done)
> and you get the prompt from your original shell again.  Unlike MS-DOS,
> scripts normally run in subshells and can't wreak havoc on your
> environment.  If you want to run the script in the current shell, use
> one of the following commands :
>     . ./.bash_profile
>     source ./.bash_profile

        Thanks. I was confusing the use of the export builtin and how it 
exports a 
shell variable to the environment.

> What I do is put all config stuff in ~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_profile
> looks like this :
> # .bash_profile
> if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
>     source ~/.bashrc
> fi

        duh. Thanks very much.

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