on Fri, Jun 14, 2002, Matthew Yee-King ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Hello
> (woody, 2.4.18bf2.4
> I am trying to get realplayer working. I downloaded the installer from
> realnetworks and installed it. when i run it, it opens a window, maybe
> displays a couple of widgets, then locks up. 

Please set your mailer/editor linewrap to 68-75 characters.  I strongly
recommend 72 as a good default.

Thank you.

> anyone else had this problem?
> how can i fix it?

    1.  $ apt-get install xmms
    2.  Read http://www.xmms.org/comments.html?show=P138
    3.  Download ftp://ftp.xmms.org/xmms/plugins/rmxmms/libreal.so

Drop the plugin in /usr/lib/xmms/General

You'll still need RealPlayer installed to make this work, but you don't
actually need to _run_ the piece of crap.


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