TL;DR (Too Long, Didn't Read)--I didn't anticipate ever using that little 

Anyway, my only reason for writing is to suggest (to the OP) that he consider 
using a fairly inexpensive digital flat screen tv as his monitor.  I currently 
use a 1080P 32" T that I bought for under $200 (on sale, somewhere, sometime, 
probably either Newegg or TigerDirect).

It has something like 1920x1280 resolution (which is enough resolution for 
me)--lets me easily set up two large windows side by side on the screen.

When I installed Wheezy, iirc (some years ago), fonts were pretty good (i.e., 
plenty big enough) with little or no intervention.  When I recently built a 
Jessie machine I did initially get some very small fonts and I had to do some 

Things too small on a 32" TV--get a 40 or 48 or even bigger TV (although the 
expense does go up)--again on sale, about 2 years ago I found a 48" TV for 
about $250.

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