During my experimentation with Iceweasel, described in another post, I
have received warnings from the OS that /tmp was filling up.  It seems
that when running a video a buffer is opened in /tmp, and /tmp fills up
rapidly.  At the moment, df /tmp tells me that 3% of /tmp is used.  When
I'm trying to play a video, only 1% of /tmp is available, and the video
grinds to a halt.

My partition table says that /tmp is partition 10, with 50MB, and partion
11 is my /home, with 750GB.  [  I don't know why I made my /tmp so small. ]

Now to my question.  Can anyone think of any hazard in the following
procedure:  1.  Back up my /home completely(I have a USB stick that will
take what I have on it.)  2.  Run parted to delete partitions 10 and 11,
then create a new partition 10, with, say, a Gig on it, and then create
a new partition 11, name it /home . . . 3.  Put all my backed up stuff
on the new /home.

I'll have to log in as root to do this, I'm sure.  But there may be other
hazards I am not aware of.  I hope for cogent thoughts on this.



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