On 09/19/2016 06:15 AM, Pol Hallen wrote:
hi all :-)

I migrated my pc to systemd (!), in /etc/fstab I've

/dev/sdb1    /test    ext4    x-systemd.automount    0    0
(I use UUID but to semplify I wrote /dev/sdb1)

this line works but only on some pc

what is the correct way to mount a disk automatically at start up of



"/dev/sdb1 /test ext4 auto,users,exec,relatime 0 0"

You do realize that will mount the folder named 'test' you have created on root. If you do not have a folder named 'test' on root/ in will not work. You may want to put the mount folder named 'test' in your home folder, ie /home/username/test. I mount to a folder named '1-Linux' so that it will be at the top of my home directory. I hope that helps.
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