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> Another avenue, then, might be "systemd-analyze critical-chain". That will
> give you a tree of what the slowest dependencies of graphical.target are.
> Slow units will get two times: one preceded by "@" tells you how long into
> the boot the unit became active and the one preceded by "+" tells you how
> long the unit took to start.

graphical.target @17.794s
└─multi-user.target @17.794s
  └─libvirt-guests.service @17.633s +160ms
    └─libvirtd.service @13.658s +3.785s
      └─dbus.service @12.095s
        └─basic.target @12.045s
          └─paths.target @12.043s
            └─cups.path @12.043s
              └─sysinit.target @11.985s
                └─nfs-common.service @11.460s +524ms
                  └─rpcbind.target @11.458s
                    └─rpcbind.service @11.243s +214ms
                      └─network-online.target @11.242s
                        └─network.target @11.242s
                          └─networking.service @7.113s +4.129s
                            └─local-fs.target @7.104s
                              └─run-rpc_pipefs.mount @11.877s
                                └─local-fs-pre.target @3.796s
                                  └─systemd-remount-fs.service @3.723s +71ms
                                    └─keyboard-setup.service @2.555s +1.166s
                                      └─systemd-udevd.service @2.504s +48ms

└─systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service @1.598s +905ms
@1.291s +305ms
                                            └─system.slice @1.265s
                                              └─-.slice @1.265s

Some services took more than 7 seconds to start

Which one should I disable considering this PC mainly used for KVM?

>> dmesg output shows some error regarding firmware-linux-nonfree but
>> other desktop with same model also does not have it installed and did
>> not have this problem
>> dmesg pastebin:
>> http://paste.debian.net/834468/
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