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On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 05:24:14PM +0100, Ronnie Jorgensen wrote:
> Just installed Debian 8.6 with Cinnamon desktop i am seem to have
> some network config problems. I also had the same on another server
> without a desktop environment.

Either using /etc/network/interfaces or NetworkManager are equally
valid, have their trade-offs and different people prefer different
things. So you need to decide which you're going to use.

You mentioned in the subject line that this is a server. Currently
on a server personally I would not have any GUI installed, there
would be no Networkmanager and I would be using
/etc/network/interfaces. But you do have a GUI installed obviously,
so perhaps you have different goals and priorities.

> first of all the /etc/network/interfaces does not seem to show eth0
> by default? although network works fine. i can nslookup google.com
> and ping google.com etc.

If NetworkManager is installed then it will work even with an empty
/etc/network/interfaces. In fact specifying interfaces in
/etc/network/interfaces should stop NetworkManager from controlling

> So then i configured /etc/network/interface but now the network
> manager (GUI) still says wired network is DHCP managed?

Please show us the entire content of your /etc/network/interfaces.

Have you rebooted the server or restarted NetworkManager since you
made those changes?

If /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf exists, please show us
the entire content of that, too.

> Also do i edit /etc/resolv.conf to set name servers or what? I tried
> but now my dns lookup no longer function.

Please show us your /etc/resolv.conf.

> Hoping someone can point me in the direction of some material i can read.

First decide if you would like your networking to be managed by
NetworkManager or /etc/network/interfaces, or if you'd like both to
work then which interfaces should be managed by what.

You may find the following links helpful:



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