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> I am attempting to display a lengthy text warning banner, in the GUI, befor=
> e the user logs in, while also having the display-user-list=3Dfalse option =
> set.
> How do I do this? When you set the display-user-list=3Dfalse option it appe=
> ars to also disable the warning banner text display area, at login.
> I have also attempted to change the login background (wallpaper?), but as f=
> ar as I can determine, no such option exists in gdm3 and the only thing you=
>  can change is the login logo, which is just a tiny little thing on the log=
> in screen and inadequate for my purposes.
> I am using Debian 8 (jessie)
> Please advise

To change the background, see the "Theming options" section in
/etc/gdm3/greeter.dconf-defaults. There is also a "Show a login welcome
message" section in that file, but I've never used it.



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