On Wed 30 Nov 2016 at 08:47:21 (-0500), Stefan Monnier wrote:
> > apt-mark showmanual   gives you the complement of   apt-mark showauto.
> > The second paragraph of apt-mark's description explains what's meant
> > by "auto". So "manual" doesn't mean what you appear to assume it does,
> > that you were involved in manually selecting it for installation. It
> > just means "not auto".
> To me "auto" means "not manually",

Yes, auto and manual are anotnyms.

> so I'm just as confused as Rodolfo
> and I think for good reasons.

I don't know whether Rodolfo is still confused after the explanation
I gave. AFAICT once you realise that manual means "not marked as auto"
rather than "I installed this by typing apt* <packagename>", then it's
fairly obvious that "manual" is a bucket term that includes, for
example, packages installed by the debian-installer because they're
essential, with Priority: required.

I can't remember installing bash or grep, but they're certainly not
auto, so they're going to be "unmarked auto", or "marked non-auto",
or "marked manual". I think I'll stick to the last. What would
you prefer?

> There might be technical reasons behind
> the way it currently works, but I think this qualifies as a bug (maybe
> a UI bug, maybe a coding bug, maybe a doc bug).

*What* qualifies as a bug...that you're confused?


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