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> I gave it a try. I unplugged the network and did an apt-get update.
> This is throwing all the errors that the repos are not available. But
> in the end the next "apt-get dist-upgrade" indeed wants to update all
> packages to testing.
> So it seems that this is an issue with network not ready while apt-get 
> update is being performed.
> How do I fix this? Where to look?

Not sure, you might try to grep through the files in /etc/init
and /etc/init.d if you find the one that calls apt-get update , then see
which package it belongs to and consider removing that package (or maybe
if possible configure it to leave apt-get alone).
Or, a quick-and-dirty solution that I have been using here occasinally
with services that fail at boot because the network isn't ready yet, you
can try to restart that service (or simply force another apt-get update)
with a line like
    printf "apt-get update" | at now + 2 minutes
somewhere where it is sure to be called close to the end of the boot

I think the first solution is certainly the better one, though :-)



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