On 2017-02-16 09:40:27 +0100, Jochen Spieker wrote:
> Vincent Lefevre:
> >
> > On my Debian/unstable machine at home, IPv6 connection to
> > https://www.flickr.com/ freezes most of the time:
> I do not have this problem with native IPv6 at home (Debian sid ad
> well).

I've eventually found:

  "Flickr broken over ipv6 from some networks"

which was posted yesterday. So, this appears to be a problem
on the Flickr side.

I wonder whether there's a workaround for my machine, except by adding
one of the IPv4 addresses for www.flickr.com to the /etc/hosts file
(if the domain uses other hostnames for particular things, this won't
be sufficient).

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