I use it on remote backups when I don’t trust the destination (therefore, all 
encryption happens locally), and on local-to-local copies (copy home to, say, 
another partition).

About the only caveat is it cannon to synthetic fulls on the remote (but the 
encryption is solid….), and so I am exploring borg, attic, bup as well.

Boyan Penkov

> On Feb 15, 2017, at 5:37 PM, Francesco Porro <> wrote:
> Hi guys, It's the first time I'm posting here. I'm both a Fedora and
> Debian user.
> Which backup tool do you use?
> At this time I feel comfortable with rsync, which I use to sync my home
> to an external Usb drive. No automation, no scheduling for now. I just
> launch rsync from the command line and let it backup all the stuff when
> I need it.
> Now I'd like to move to more powerful utility. It should be reliable and
> very user-friendly. A friend on Irc suggested me borg [1], which also
> feature decuplication, encryption and seems easy enough to use.
> Otherwise I discovered a scripting hot-to to make some kind of snapshots
> via rsync (and hardlinking) [2], but I haven't tryed it out yet.
> So... What's your opinion about user-oriented backup tools? ^^
> Thanks in advance.
> [1]
> [2]
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