Hi again, Georgi.

On 25/07/17 20:21, Daniel Bareiro wrote:

>>>> I'll try to sign this message because I have not used Enigmail for a
>>>> long time.

>>> Thanks for trying this. I appreciate it. Did you manage to sign it?

>> Yes, I signed the message, you should be able to see my signature.

> Thanks for trying. Unfortunately I am not able to see your signature. I
> also don't see the signature from other emails sent by myself nor I'm
> able to open encrypted messages that I have received. Before the upgrade

According I see, the Debian Jessie package has the version 1.8.2 for

root@orion:~# aptitude show enigmail | grep Versión
Versión: 2:1.8.2-4~deb8u1

But this version does not seem to be compatible with Thunderbird 52 [1].
Enigmail 1.8.2 is compatible with Thunderbird 29.0 to 46.0. That's why
it was running on the previous packaged version of Thunderbird 45.x.

So it looks like we have a problem here.

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