Mike Stone wrote:
> So it must be that "first tuesday" means
> the first tuesday in the month, but "second tuesday" sadly means the first
> tuesday plus one second because "second" has more than one meaning and I
> wanted the other one.

This illustrates the fundamental problem with natural english language,
in one miniature picture.

> Again, 20 years of dealing with people actually having trouble with this.

This explains your swift and sparse reaction on bug 389251.

Nicolas George wrote:
> Anyway, if you propose to remove the ability to write something like
> "2017-12-04 + 73 days", I veto as strongly as I can.

This illustrates the addiction problem of using exotic features.
We should not forget that the main job of "date" is to "print or set
the system date and time" - says the man page. 

But given the statements in this thread so far, nobody plans to change
anything with that situation. Any move could blast a mine.
So all working input formats are safe ... unless they only work by a bug
which needs to get fixed for some important reason.

Have a nice day :)


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