Greetings all;

Trying to scan thru an 8Gb file dd has made of an sd card, I find 
khexedits lack of a scroll bar to be a huge hindrance.

Do we have one of those critters that will let me scan thru a file that 
big looking for data besides 00 00, and will do it yet this year?

Story so far:

64 gb card from a working rock64. Edited 60-persistent-storage.rule to 
exclude /dev/sdd so gparted could shrink the last partition down to a 
usable size, but still above the occupied area.

Used dd to make a file of the first 8Gb, wrote that 8Gb to another 
identical 64Gb card. gparted says its a blank card. So I want to inspect 
the file, but khexedit, with no scroll bar, makes that down arrow scan a 
multiyear project.

Do we have a better hex editor?

Thanks all;

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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