I've been struggling with an issue trying to install 8.10 netinst
(amd64) on an IBM x3550 M4.  When I boot into the install image I get
the splash screen and install menu.  If I choose the install option
the screen "flickers" like it's changing the screen resolution and
then I just get a blank screen with nothing else.    The only option
is to power cycle the server and start over.

I have four of these servers that I need to load this image on and all
four servers exhibit the same behavior.   I initially thought the
issue was because I was trying to remotely install the image with the
IMM2 but when I got to the office this morning and tried the install
locally I get the same thing.

I've googled quite a bit and found similar issues but these were after
the install was complete and with people who were running a desktop on
their servers.    These servers will run with the CLI only, no desktop

Has anyone run into this issue before trying to install on an IBM server?

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