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On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 02:32:32PM -0500, Boyan Penkov wrote:
>    Hello Roberto,
>    Thanks for the particularly detailed explanation; it's quite apropos,
>    since:
>    -- I'm new to actually thinking about what it takes to make stuff work.

Packaging software for Debian is certainly a great way to learn how a
system made up of many different complex software components goes

>    -- I had wrongly assumed the existence of some .deb floating around would
>    make the packaging more straightforward
In sme cases it can be a help, but most often Debian (as well as RPM and
other format) packages created by upstream are usually the result of
some automated generation process. Packages created in that fashion
rarely meet the policy standards for packages included officially in

Sometimes upstream will create and maintain proper packages, but that is
not always the case. Usually this sort of thing happens when upstream
has experienced Debian Developers involved, or if they have a particular
interest in having a very well supported Debian package. In some cases
upstream will even hire a Debian developer to do the work.

>    As for Duplicati, too bad -- seems like a nice tool, but there are many
>    other options around to suit the same ends...
This is very true. However, if you are interested in learning how to
package for Debian and have a specific interest in the software, then
there are many Debian Developers willing to mentor you throughout the



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