On 02/14/18 10:57, Richard Owlett wrote:
I use Stretch with MATE as desktop.
My current icons are from /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48 .
I have multiple configurations of some programs installed.

I would like to use icons that are semantically related.
I would like to use custom icons that are 48 high X 96 wide.
These would be created joining two 48x48 icons side by side.

Would the MATE panel &/or desktop accept these?
Assuming it would, is there a simple graphic program that would accept to identically formatted images and place them side by side in a new image? If MATE cannot accept rectangular rather than square icons, I suspect I can create an app that can (I think I've seen Tcl/Tk that could be adapted).

I don't know what icons MATE will accept.

As for making icons, the defacto OSS graphics editor is GIMP:


Or, if you want a CLI app and/ or a library that you can call from your favorite programming/ scripting language to exactly what you want:



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