Why not check out https://www.thinkpenguin.com/ and go from there?

I need to buy another wireless card from them but this one will install in the computer since all cards they have available on the 5.0 band rather than the 2.4 band are internal pci cards. I have an realtek usb adapter I think 8192 but it only runs on the 2.4 band and the 2.4 band is going away for internet communications in the United States in the not too distant future as a result of an F.C.C. decision.

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Subject: Re: where can i find a list of usb wireless card that are supported
    by linux?
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i don't like to install additional driveri wish default linux kernel already has
on Chinese market, many cards claim thatit included driver for Windowsi'm not
sure if it supports linux
i have install linux-docbut can't find useful info

You are probably talking about devices that require non-free
firmware?  Those are described here:

I'm not sure where you could get a list of devices that don't, but it
would include devices from years ago that are not available anymore.

From what I understand, almost all wireless usb made in the
last few years require some kind of firmware to work on linux.

If you are interested in a particular device the debian wiki has a nice
page about them with a "thumbs up" or little angry faces next to the
non-free devices.



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