On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 11:32:46AM -0500, Greg Wooledge wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 04:23:53PM -0000, bolaki...@mail2tor.com wrote:
> >             In fact the topic came from an old article about the threat to 
> > be
> > hacked/targeted : backdoor & hostname_nsa tool.
> >             Anyway the new equipment/hardware could solve all these 
> > 'confusion' in a
> > near future by simplifying the terminology and perhaps implementing
> > officially backdoors (software too ? on the tor blog someone asked the
> > question - no response). i wonder if the 'independent' dns will be
> > "allowed" but it is another story.
> What on EARTH are you talking about now?
> You appear to be concerned that your hostname contains secret information,
> and that having your hostname "leaked" to the rest of the world will be
> an issue for you?
> If that's the case, try not putting secret information into your
> hostname.  E.g. naming your machine my_mothers_maiden_name_is_johnson
> might be a bad idea.

It is a bad idea regardless of information disclosure as it violates RFC

> Hope this helps.
> P.S. Your text formatting is quite difficult to read.  Please separate
> your lines from the quoted lines with a blank line, and please do not
> indent your lines.

OP's using SquirrelMail, which is known to produce pure gibberish
instead of coherent text.


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