Hello Debian Team,

I faced an issue while installing Debian.
Please Have A Look At My Issue If Can, Thank You.

I'm using non-graphical (text) installer to install Debian, After a manual
partitioning, The installation started(system installation)

After installing till 7% it say installation step failed, I started the
installation again(and even formatted the disk), This problem still

This issue many people may happened before.
So I searched online(google) and didn't found any solution. I even looked
into the debian installation documentation.

Here are some of my computer specifications for you if you requires:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400
1GB RAM(1014MB)
Intel Express Chipset Q45

The Installation Images(ISO) I downloaded from debian website is a  i386
architecture live image(DVD).

Please Reply If You Need More Information About My Issue.

Thanks For Your Reading.
Looking Forward For Your Reply.

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