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The two C-Media devices should be able to accept sox output. How
should one of them be specified?

See the manual page for sox ("man sox" in a terminal). Search for "audio
device". The output audio device for sox is set by setting the AUDIODEV
environment. e.g. "AUDIODEV=hw:0,0 play foo.wav" to play on card 0, device 0.

Use "aplay -l" to get a list of ALSA devices (you can't use /dev/snd/...
paths directly).

If ekiga is running, is contention possible?


If so, is there a way to resolve it.

Use a sound server such as PulseAudio. If you have PulseAudio installed, usually the default ALSA device will route the audio through PulseAudio. In that case, the output audio device can be set somewhere in PulseAudio settings.

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