Dan Norton composed on 2018-02-22 16:05 (UTC-0500):

> Installs of both stretch and buster modify the boot order such that
> "debian" is first under "UEFI Boot Sources". After installation, the
> bios menu has to be edited in order to boot from DVD or CD or USB
> drive. Also "Hard Drive" has been replaced with "debian".

> The PC is:
> Hewlett-Packard HP Pro 3400 Series MT/2ABF, BIOS 7.16 03/23/2012

> Apparently it is deliberate, so what is the reason for this?

AFAICT, it depends on the particular BIOS design and settings therein, how it's
designed to react to what it finds in the EFI partition, particularly if there
is more than one entry there. Brand name PCs tend to offer fewer BIOS options.
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