On 2018-02-22, John Conover <cono...@rahul.net> wrote:
> Thanks, Thomas.
> My Debian 8 works OK, too. But the Image Magick for Debian 9 does not
> read files made by xwd(1).
> I don't know if its a compile time configuration issue, or the file
> format has been depreciated, or what-but it doesn't work on Debian 9.

I'm on Stretch, tried your experiment, and encountered no difficulty.

curty@einstein:~$ convert -list format | grep -i xwd
      XWD* XWD       rw-   X Windows system window dump (color)

It would be surprising if your output were different (I guess I mean if
you obtained no output whatsoever) as I suppose our ImagicMagick
compile-time configs are identical, unless you've left out crucial

There's this (lonely) bug report but frankly I don't understand it:


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