On Fri, 23 Feb 2018 12:54:10 -0000 (UTC)
Dan Purgert <d...@djph.net> wrote:

> While this may be true in many cases, my local (home) relay *only*
> accepts relay requests from hosts within the scope of my domain.
> Granted, now that I've moved ISPs, some remote mailhosts (hotmail,
> I'm lookin' at you) like to reject things.  Gonna have to find what
> their relay is, so I can relay through their mailserver and make it
> look legit.
> Funny thing is, gmail, att/yahoo, and others all happily accept the
> mail.

What the mail admin accepts is a matter of taste, and whether any
blacklists are used. I have my own blacklist (which contains a couple
of /8s), plus a list of about 20 country tlds, plus a few really
egregious ISPs that I reject. I did also reject servers without proper
PTR records, but I've relaxed that now as so many domestic accounts
seem to have them and so many small outsourcing email providers don't. I
require a sending domain and HELO that are resolvable in public DNS,
and I request an ident on a thirty-second timeout, which many spammers
give up on. Every little helps...


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