I need to show some movies on different monitors using a video card
with 8 HDMI ports on a workstation, and I need to have all done
automatically everytime the workstation starts, without use
intervention. I had no time yet to practice with this card, but I also
have a card with two HDMI and a VGA ports on my PC at work, so I made
some experiments.

I'm using GNOME on Debian Stretch, and GNOME allows me only to arrange
the two monitors as a unique virtual bigger screen (besides other
configurations such as mirroring I'm not interested in). If I have to
show a window on a specific monitor I can only use some sort of
xdotool/wmctrl command.

Also, I see some confusion between displays and workspace. I can move
or show a new window on a specific workspace, but that's useless for

I got some decent results using xrandr to put the two monitors side by
side (they have different resolution, but this is not a problem for me)
and then using xdotool to move a window to the right far enough to have
it on the second monitor. But this is rather complicated.

My first thought was using the DISPLAY variable this way:

$ DISPLAY=:0.0 xterm
$ DISPLAY=:0.1 gedit

The first command works, but the second says "cannot open display

I'm sure there must be an easier solution.

Thanks in advance.

Nimrod <nim...@virgilio.it>

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