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Yes, you're right! When I wiggle the mouse the wait ends sooner. Indeed, if I don't move the mouse at all and don't press any key the screen just stays blank (I waited approx. 5 minutes and it still was black). I attached the output of dmesg | grep "random". As you can see, "crng init done" appears after the 5 minutes I waited.

Yes, this seems to confirm my suspicion that something is blocking by calling getrandom without GRND_NONBLOCK.

Since there is no "splash" in my kernel command line in grub, I added "noplymouth" to it, but that didn't help. Maybe it's another package that calls getrandom without GRND_NONBLOCK. Let me know if I can support the investigation somehow.
The situation you describe does not implicate plymouth, because the pause occurs after you enter your credentials. This is a tricky one, because it could be lightdm, or systemd which is a known offender, xorg, or anything else in your session. This is a tricky problem to diagnose because, as soon as you start typing, your login will complete. I suggest reporting this against lightdm to get maintainer advice. The Debian Xfce and lightdm maintainer has commented on #897572 and is aware of the getrandom issue, but I could not find any lightdm issue for it.

Which iso image did you use to install testing?

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